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Pilot Namiki Emperor Akihito

Here we have a quite rare Pilot Namiki Emperor Akihito Sokuikinen HouOu, the Double Phoenix, pen made around 1990 in a limited edition of just 1000; it comes in its original wooden presentation case with an attractively shaped Maki-e Japanese design bottle of ink. The intricate Maki-e raised artwork features the gold and silver phoenix bird set within elaborately detailed and colourful foilage shown on a black urushi lacquer background highlighted with silver clouds seen on the cap section representing ashes; simply exquisite. The pen is signed in Japanese characters by the artist Kyusai. The 18 carat gold Pilot size 10 nib engraved with the scroll pattern representing Strong Progress, has a medium point. On the pocket clip the engraved decorative emblem represents Eternity as symbolised by the Phoenix. Ink filling is by button pump activated piston method.

I don't expect its new owner will ever use it as this is the quintessential Collector's piece.