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> Short Vacuum Filler Pen and Pencil Set in Burgundy Pearl

A nice condition VERY-RARE late 1932 USA-made short 'stubby'-size Vacuum Filler fountain pen and pencil set in burgundy pearl that has a lock-away pump; there is little or no plating wear on the bands or the tassie ring but just a little on the high points of the clip. There are no cracks, splits, or engraved names and all three tassies are burgundy striped however, there are one or two small marks consistent with its age. This pen is very much a collectors piece so has not been serviced. The nib is a fine grade two-colour 14ct gold and is correct for this pen; some of the early 1933 models had a nib marked 'Vacuum Filler'. The imprint is very readable. Please note the section and the barrel on these pens are one piece. The last picture below shows the three sizes with the Senior at the bottom, the Junior in the centre, and the short at the top.