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> Swan Filigree Eye-dropper Fountain Pen in Black

Here is a very-pretty, very-nice-condition, and quite rare Swan Filigree eye-dropper fountain pen, made around 1910, by Mabie Todd & Co. in New York; the pen is an eye-dropper-fill and has a gold-plated filigree overlay; there is just a little wear on the pen but little or no plating wear on the overlay; considering its over 100 years old this pen is in good condition; the nib is a medium grade 14ct gold and has quite good flexibility; there are no cracks, splits or serious scratches and the imprint is readable; this is a difficult pen to find; the box is the original, I would think, and there is a pipette for filling. There is the name S.Evenett, 1914 on the cartouche. This pen is for a collection but could be used.