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> Combination in Hallmarked Silver Finish

Here is a lightly used Waterman Combination fountain pen and pencil in hallmarked silver finish with silver trim; it was made around 1930 and has been used but not a lot; it looks lovely and will perform really well however, it has not been serviced as it is felt this is a collectors piece rather than a pen to use; the pen has a broad soft flexible 14ct gold nib; the pencil has lead fitted; a pen similar to this is shown in Fischler and Schneider 'Fountain Pens and Pencils' 'The Golden Age of Writing Instruments' on page 72 where it says and I quote 'Although many hard rubber Waterman Combinations have been found this is the only overlay design known'; they value the pen at 750-1000 US Dollars. Of course this book was written around 1990 so by now more could have been found and the price would be reflected in their availability.