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> Sheaffer PFM V in Blue

A Sheaffer PFM (PFM meaning Pen for Men) is a little larger than the average pen but still not too large for a ladies hand and I know a few ladies that use one as an everyday pen; it uses the unusual snorkel filling system which is generally found to be quite a talking point; these pens were made in 1959 in five colours viz. black, burgundy, blue, green, and grey and in five models viz. PFM I, PFM II, PFM III, PFM IV, and PFM V; this pen is the blue one with the gold electro-plated cap.

This is another blue PFM V pen in perfect mechanical and cosmetic condition; it has been used but it is not damaged and the nib shows little sign of wear; this cap is extremely good with no plating wear and no bruising on the cap top; the clip is secure. The nib is a lovely medium grade 14k gold and writes nicely.